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Round LAB

ROUND LAB | Birch Moisturizing Sun Stick SPF 50

ROUND LAB | Birch Moisturizing Sun Stick SPF 50

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From Round Lab:

56g The moisturizing sun stick delivers a lightweight finish with cooling effects. The product offers clinically-proven SPA 50+ PA++++ sun protection. - A sun stick containing the moist moisture of birch sap that has been grown with the refreshing energy of the cool wind from Inje. - Birch Tree Sap nourishes skin by decreasing inflammation, purifies and hydrates with its extensive minerals, enzymes, proteins and antioxidants. - Amino acids, minerals and Birch Sap vitamins form a moisture-packed barrier to protect skin from drying and prevent loss of hydration. -

A hydrating sunscreen that does double duty as a moisturizer, for all skin types. -

 Perfect for those who want a lightweight finish even with multiple layering and Birch sap hydrates skin. Twelve peptides help boost skin elasticity.

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