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Occo | Dad’s Skillet Pajeon | Seasoning Card

Occo | Dad’s Skillet Pajeon | Seasoning Card

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Recipe + Seasoning Card. Perfectly measured spices freshly packed and sealed for the recipe attached to the seasoning card. Occo partners with chefs to showcase recipes with packaged spices.

From the brand:

Spices in this Recipe Card

- Chile, Gochugaru

- Ginger

- Baking Powder

Gochugaru Chile
Native to: South Korea
Plant family: Solanaceae
Raw form: Chile
Scoville: <1,500
Smoky and sweet, with a mild earthiness, crunchy texture, and moderate, pleasant heat. An essential ingredient in many Korean dishes, including the iconic sauce Gochujang.

These chiles are such a key part of Korean cuisine, their name is a generic noun. Call it the kleenex effect: gochugaru literally translates as “chile powder.

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