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KimlyParc | Original Korean Latte Blend (Vegan)

KimlyParc | Original Korean Latte Blend (Vegan)

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We love the perfectly convenient and not too sweet Korean Coffee Latte packs. Dissolves well and makes a great iced coffee as well.

From Kimly Parc:

Customers adore our coffee for its creamy texture and perfect sweet balance, all while being vegan-friendly! Our OG Korean latte is a reimagining of the traditional Korean instant coffee sticks often featured in K-dramas. We've crafted our own recipe using natural ingredients, catering to health-conscious customers. Why your customers will love this product: • Vegan, gluten-free, and always free of artificial flavors, catering to diverse dietary preferences. •

Perfect for both at-home indulgence and outdoor activities. • Crafted with high-quality ingredients, guaranteeing a premium coffee experience. •

 1Box - 10 x 0.7oz(20g) Packets

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