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Munchrooms | Mushroom Jerky Hot + Spicy Chili Pepper

Munchrooms | Mushroom Jerky Hot + Spicy Chili Pepper

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Satisfying snacking mushrooms from this woman owned Norcal brand.

We love the shred and texture on these and the wonderful flavors. 


From the brand: Hot + Spicy Chili Pepper—slightly sweet and hot, rich in umami flavor with a satisfying kick at the end! Our jerky is delicious and made for carnivores and plant-lovers alike. With a healthy serving of fiber in each pack, munchrooms will keep you fuller for longer. Our mushroom jerky combines the subtle umami of mushrooms, flavorful seasoning, and a meaty, satisfying texture. The rich and chewy nature of our jerky makes it easy to forget you’re munching on a meat-less snack

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