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Monsoon Chocolate

Monsoon | Esmeraldas Ecuador 75% Dark Chocolate

Monsoon | Esmeraldas Ecuador 75% Dark Chocolate

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A chocolate bar made for  the chocolate lover. 

Why we like it: 

Small batch, limited, delicious 

From the brand: 

Costa Esmeraldas is a family-owned, single estate farm that is operated entirely by the Salazar family. Located in the Esmeraldas province of Ecuador, a region not traditionally known for fine flavor cacao, the farm has reclaimed land once occupied by cattle pastures. The Salazars have decades of expertise in mineral exploration, environmental remediation, and also operate Fundación Salazar, an independent non-profit that operates with the mission to create lasting benefits from communities nearby resource extraction operations. What we taste – mocha, turbinado sugar, floral honey

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