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Matcha Freak

Matcha Freak | Premium Hojicha

Matcha Freak | Premium Hojicha

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From the brand :

Welcome to the world of hojicha. This dreamscape is filled with rich, deep flavors of floral caramel and honey. Powdered hojicha is our entry way drug into this fabulously freaky world of tea if matcha is too bitter or grassy for you. It is complex in flavor, naturally sweet, a tad nutty (we see you coffee drinkers). We love it brewed in a latte or with water — and when this bevvy is sweetened with honey, this stuff tastes like dessert. YUM. 45g tin: 15-20 servings What is hojicha? Well, to put it simply, hojicha is a roasted green tea that is finely ground (matcha leaves are steamed and ground, but not roasted). The exposure to high heat brings out a different flavor profile out of the leaf and sometimes stems (we’re into using different parts of the plant) and also reduces the caffeine levels. This is a great tea for late afternoon or after a meal.

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